The Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT) is a cross-denominational ministry that's helping transform lives so more people will truly encounter God's incredible love and will ultimately live, and love, more like Jesus -- and transform our world. GIFT's mission is: Transforming hearts, lives and communities by helping people receive, fan into flame and share the gift(s) of God.

We're all about helping people enjoy the abundant life God wants us to have, through knowing Him more completely and through living in a right relationship with Him.  We want people to appreciate that life, everything in it, and all we are and do, are gifts from God. We want people to experience the hope, joy and peace of living with God for all eternity. 

We want to help everyone to encounter, experience and share the incredible love of God -- our awesome Creator, Provider, Counselor and Savior.

We want people everywhere to live a life that glorifies God -- one that is genuinely concerned about, and engaged in, meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others.  Because there are so many joys that come through living in a right relationship with God!  And don't we all want to experience true joy?  GIFT provides support to Christians, Churches and Ministries to help transform lives and to help transform our world -- after all, what is the Church but a Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT).

Our Call To Transform... We're called to live transformed lives.

Gift Exchanges

Life and everything and everyone in it are gifts from God. We need to reciprocate with joyful "gift" exchanges -- including the sharing of ourselves lovingly with God and in heartfelt, meaningful encounters with our brothers and sisters around the world.

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The HeART of Christian Living


The HeART of Christian Living, Following in the Footsteps of Jesus, modeled after Catholic Social Teaching, helps us fulfill on our call to "work toward the transformation of the world."

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8 Ways To Help... GIFT offers 8 ways to help affect transformations.

TV Coverage: GIFT & Social Justice Teaching

GIFT's Global Impact


See ways GIFT has helped the global poor with efficacious strategies and innovations for improved farming and clean water.

Let God's Word Transform Us To Live More Like Christ

Introducing: The Secret To Being A Happy Camper

GIFT's new scripture coffee table book, The Secret To Being A Happy Camper, shares over 100 Bible verses in a way that will help us all draw ever nearer to God -- and help us to share our faith.

Cardinal Mahony encouraged the production of this book and called it "beautifully rendered". Cardinal Mahony Letter.

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Preparing Ourselves To Be Transformed By Christ's Love


For further reflections on Christ-centered transformations, see GIFT's Spiritual Transformation Guide, Spiritual Transformation Path and insights from Matthew 25.

Kids Will Enjoy Learning Life's Most Important Lessons

Sheep & Goat is a children's ministry initiative that encourages all of us to love others as Christ loves us.

The fun-filled, 48 page, illustrated book is based on the Parable of the Sheep and Goats (Matthew 25: 31-46) in which Jesus says we need to show others His love and not live selfishly. 

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Celebrate Our Creator

We need to recognize that everything was created by God -- through our Lord and Savior, Jesus, and for Him. This is foundational to our faith -- and when this understanding is missing, people suffer in many ways. We need to reflect upon, celebrate and share this reality.

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GIFT's Support For A More Just World

GIFT is leading a collaboration among global business leaders to help the laity respond to Church leadership's call for a more just society... A society where people are afforded dignity and love; the opportunity to work and earn living wages; respect for their innovativeness and productive capacity; resources for their development; and more... Where sustainability is considered for the well being of our society today and in the future... Where people who are suffering materially, physically or spiritually can encounter tangible, loving support from those who have been blessed in these areas... Where Christ-like, selfless love compels us to consider and address the needs of others and not just our own wants and needs... Where these tangible illustrations of Christ's selfless love build an appreciation for Christ himself... wherein people's physical, material and spiritual needs are met through encounters with Christ's loving representatives here on earth.

Click on the visual to review GIFT's guide to more moral purchasing which could lead to a more just society.

GIFT's evolving strategic road map... For helping the laity in the Catholic Church fulfill on the Pontifical Council For Justice & Peace call for a New World Economic Order, GIFT has been leading the development of a strategic plan and implementation road map. Click the link and use the computer sliding navigation bars to navigate the page.

GIFT Scripture Study

Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy via Nutrition In Healthcare

MHFL addresses illnesses and testifies to God's creation.

Special Campaign: Food Fight


Click on the pumpkin to join the Great Pumpkin Food Fight!

If you're concerned about the hungry, now's the perfect time to start a food fight. "The Great Pumpkin Food Fight," that is!  It's a fight for those who are hungry.  A fight for those who need to experience a tangible example of Christ's love to get enough food to eat.  A fight for justice.

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